The Featured Artist Network offers talented writers and artists the opportunity to display their work online, and it allows students to access course material as well as the electronic copies of the publications: Aspirations Magazine, Neon Dreams Journal, The Stylus: Online Publication, and the Silver Compass

Furthermore,  as the individual who updates and maintains this website, I have the opportunity to provide a weekly announcement about assignments, club meetings, open mic readings, and other important information.

I also acknowledge and celebrate excellence in my students' work by posting their best projects on the "Wall of Fame," and for the spring 2014 semester, I am holding a contest for
Aspirations Magazine in three categories: Fiction, Poetry, and Art.

Go to the menu above and click on the link to the Publications page if you are interested in learning more about submission guidelines, deadlines, and/
or where to submit your work electronically on this website. 


 Attention Students

You are encouraged to select your course in the menu above and find several helpful links to the course material from the syllabus and paper guidelines to even free links to our reading assignments. You can print out the course material in Canvas or on here. Enjoy the semester!

Attention Writers:

Are you looking to get your work published or network with other writers? You have several opportunities to share your work by joining the creative writing club, or check out the magazines and submission guidelines by going to "Publications" in the menu above. 

Attention Artists:

Want to have your work showcased on the art gallery page? Want to get your work published in Aspirations or Neon Dreams? Want to be an artist who illustrates for the online publication: The Stylus? E-mail me your queries and send an attachment with examples of your work to 

Welcome to the Featured Artist Network!

  • Professor Yelena Bailey-Kirby's syllabi, notes, assignments, and other resources
  • Access English Composition 101 & 102, Creative Writing, and Literature course material
  • Information about club meetings, poetry slams, open mic readings, and workshops, etc.
  • Submission guidelines
    for the student literary and visual arts magazine 
  • Aspirations Magazine
  • Neon Dreams Journal
  • The Stylus: Online Publication
  • The Silver Compass 
  • Access to the E-copy of each publication
  • Featuring student fiction, poetry, non-fiction, art, and comic books
  • Featuring New Artwork and Photography
  • Celebrating Creativity and the Visual Arts
  • Yelena Kajevic Bailey-Kirby's bio, art, and writing 
  • Contact information
  • Acknowledging my students' excellence
  • Showcasing examples of my students' work 

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